where romance meets passion NEW RELEASE! Shay Rogan was every good girl’s naughty fantasy with his dark good looks, rock-hard body and adventurous spirit that didn’t stop at the bedroom door. When he joined my tour as an opening act, every word between us was flirtation and every look foreplay. I knew giving in to the magnetic attraction between us was a matter of “when”, not “if”. Too bad he opened his mouth to tell me I was nothing more than the girl on a poster, his fantasy lay. With wounded pride and shattered innocence, I did the only thing I could do—I kicked him off my tour and out of my life. Now I’m seven years wiser, but my album sales have seen much better days. Shay has climbed the charts to become country music’s sexiest bad boy, though lately his bar fights, women and hard-partying have gotten him in a lot of trouble with the record label and the fans. Our label is insisting that we hit the road together for a joint concert tour to repair our careers and keep our contracts: I need his younger audience, he needs my good-girl reputation. It’s a good thing that this time around I’m totally immune to his country-boy charm and all the naughty suggestions he keeps whispering in my ear because there are some things going on behind the scenes that would send him packing and ruin our last chance tour if he found out. Shay has some power over me that's almost impossible to resist, but I know I can do it...this time. We're on the road, but we’re Nashville bound. Shay Rogan was every good girl’s naughty fantasy... Available in mainstream and erotic editions: Mainstream Edition Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada B & N Kobo Smashwords iTunes Erotic Edition  (graphic love scenes) Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada B & N Kobo Smashwords iTunes FREE AMAZON KOBO B&N APPLE SONY SMASHWORDS Amazon UK Amazon Canada *contains graphic love scenes *contains graphic love scenes See my Books page for upcoming Nashville books! Want to receive a notice when the next Nashville book is available? Sign up for Bethany Michaels’ newsletter HERE! AMAZON AMAZON UK AMAZON Canada B&N KOBO SMASHWORDS APPLE SONY What reviewers are saying about the Nashville series: “Bethany Michaels writes an engaging story with believable characters, steamy sex scenes and when Shay and Michelle are together, the air combusts.”      --Cocktails and Books, Nashville Bound The heroine of this superb story leaps off the page with intelligence, drive and a full range of emotions. Michaels has a wonderful ear for dialogue, a knack for writing her heroine into slyly clever predicaments and an equally apparent talent for writing some of the most arousing sex scenes you'll ever read.”      --RT Book Reviews, Nashville Heat, 4 1/2 stars “I was really involved and swept away by the power of Dex and his masculinity - What a ride !! Loved it !!”      --reader review, Nashville Heat “Everyone dreams of being sought after someone. When you add a dreamy country heartthrob, you can just melt into a puddle now. He's the whole package.”      --reader review, Nashville Heat “Fantastically realistic story of life in Nashville...virtually impossible to put down.”      --You Gotta Read reviews, Nashville Naughty “I loved this story! I'm so happy she took a chance on him... But it all works out! Read it.”      --reader review, Nashville Naughty “NASHVILLE BOUND is a delightful story about two country music stars and their sizzling relationship while on tour together.”      --Cocktails and Books, Nashville Bound  Characters have personality and make the book so interesting. Write more books like this one, Bethany.”      --reader review, Nashville Heat “Great read!!! Love Dillon!!! Like to hear more about them!!!”      --reader review, Nashville Naughty “This truly was an awesome love story and the writing was great! It’s always hard to find new authors but I am glad I found this free book and this great author. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.”      --reader review, Nashville Heat When Sydney Stratton moved to Nashville to follow her dreams, she never counted on bad boy country music star Dex Wilder getting in her way. (graphic content) Bad girl Becca Shaw likes her men hot, hard and temporary, but roommate Dillon Phillips is determined to change her mind.