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Free spirited Patterson O'Reilly is running from her own special kind of hell--the kind that involves a church full of people and a wedding ring--when she mistakes her new next door neighbor for a Peeping Tom and clobbers him with her sweet tea pitcher. Her accidental victim is reclusive, a little surly and irresistibly sexy with the whole smoldering gaze and body-of-a-god thing going on. Even though the last thing she wanted when she escaped to Nashville was more man problems, she can't help but be drawn in by the sexy walking mystery next door. She can deal with damaged, but "forever"? Not happening. Trent Ryder was on the fast track to country music stardom when a tour bus crash ended his career and his marriage. Withdrawing from public life and the music he once loved, Trent is content to live alone behind the walls of his Nashville home until his quirky, impulsive, pin-up-girl-sexy next-door neighbor crashes through all his barriers with steamy glances and curves as hot as Southern summer nights. Trent lost the first woman he ever loved to a tragic accident. He's determined to do whatever it takes to keep the second one forever. Available Now! Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Amazon Australia Barnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords Apple Want to receive a notice when the next Nashville book is available? Want special subscriber-only goodies, freebies and downloads? Sign up for Bethany Michaels’ newsletter HERE! FREE!! AMAZON US KOBO B&N APPLE SMASHWORDS Amazon UK Amazon Canada Amazon Australia AMAZON US AMAZON UK AMAZON Canada Amazon Australia B&N KOBO SMASHWORDS APPLE Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Amazon Australia B & N Kobo Smashwords iTunes Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Amazon Australia B & N Kobo Smashwords iTunes The first three books in the Nashville series in one bargain-priced bundle! Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Amazon Australia B & N Apple Kobo Smashwords See my Books page for upcoming Nashville books!